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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

About Dragon Fruit !!!


The above photograph was taken at my plantation.

The nature of the dragon fruit plant and the tolerance to a variety of growing conditions, growing dragon fruit can vary from a fun hobby to a fully commercial enterprise.

The dragon fruit plant also known as Pitaya fruit cactus, or pitahaya/.Kaw-Mang-Kong fruit cactus is a night flowering vine-like cactus which produces large and beautiful blooms accompanied by big and colorful fruit with a flesh dotted throughout with hundreds of small black seeds and varying in color from white to pale pink to red and purple color. Dragon fruit is known equally as pitaya fruit or sometimes pitahaya fruit and is often called 'Strawberry Pear' as well.

There are many health benefits of dragon fruits. Among the health benefits of dragon fruit, is the diabetic diet, the fresh pitahaya fruit or dried pitahaya fruit can help with diabetes dragon fruit diabetes blood glucose control.

This website demostrate all the good and nothing of the bad of eating dragon fruit

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